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At Stellaris Technologies, we value the feedback we receive from customers & partners and continually work on improving ourselves to deliver the best solutions and services experience.
We are pleased to note that all customers rate Stellaris professionals very highly on aspects such as Product Knowledge, Professional Etiquette, Technical Understanding, Courtesy and Overall Level of Service.

They are extremely happy with the Help & Guidance that we provide and our Responsive and Co-operative attitude that helps us achieve goals as a part of the Customer’s team. All our customers comment that they would love to work with Stellaris again.

Here are some of the comments Stellaris has received:

"Stellaris has been an exceptional partner on a critical product launch for Intuit. Their team's work ethic and dedication have been admirable, and they have worked wonderfully side-by-side with our team members to ensure the product's success."
  - Vincent Cheng, Director
Product Management
Intuit Inc., USA
“Fabulous technical knowledge. Sheer will and motivation to deliver solid results. Fun to work with and Stellaris takes the time to provide context around the work they are doing. I would easily work with Stellaris again.”
  – John Catrett
Product Manager
Intuit Inc., USA
“Do not change anything! Keep [up] the good work.”
“It is always a pleasure working with you and your team. I have been truly impressed by the results you achieved on this project despite the numerous challenges. Your technical skills and dedication are truly amazing!”
  - Jean-Hugues Houdin
CMA- Captiva Practice
Americas EMC, USA
“[Stellaris’ consultant] was very professional and proactive in his approach to delivering the agreed scope of work. He exceeded our expectations with his ability to deliver within the agreed timeframe. Our client was very impressed with both his skills and his work ethic. Thank you… for your dedication and commitment.”
  - Therese Black, Project Manager EMC, Australia  
“It was a pleasure to be assisted by someone that understood the product and understood how to integrate product into our existing operation.”
  - Luke Hubben
Pearson Research & Assessment
“[Stellaris’ consultant] has delivered an outstanding job for our customer in Melbourne. He has good customer facing capabilities and his strong technical knowledge of the Captiva Products contributed to a successful outcome of the engagement and a satisfied customer.”
  - Project Manager
EMC, Australia
“[Stellaris’ consultant] was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable and was a great assistance in furthering our project. I would enjoy working with him on future projects.”
  - Kevin Barnett, Developer
First United Bank, USA
“[Stellaris’ consultant] is a very valuable asset for Stellaris. His dedication of work, positive attitude and patience are well appreciated by both technical team and business users. We are thankful having him onsite, and looking forward to working with him again.”
  - Project Manager
  “The services provided were excellent! Technical and business staff were extremely pleased with [Stellaris’ consultant’s] work.”
“[Stellaris’ consultant’s] services here at HMSA boosted our user's confidence in the Captiva product. His knowledge of Captiva helped the users make business decisions that resolved many issues we had been encountering for some time. The business users were extremely happy with his technical capabilities, but more importantly, they were impressed with his willingness to engage with them. They found him very pleasant to work with. From a technical aspect, our team really enjoyed working with [Stellaris’ consultant]. His professionalism and willingness to share his Captiva expertise has taken our team to a new level. His analysis, coding, testing, documentation and deployments were spot on. We look forward to working with [him] and Stellaris in the future.”
  - Scott Ichimura, Solutions Delivery Manager
Hawaii Medical Service Association, USA

“[Stellaris’s Consultant] was extremely knowledgeable and professional with a strong attention to detail and consistency. Due to his efforts, we have a quality system that works well and that we feel qualified to support. [Stellaris’s Consultant] was exceptional to work with and a real pleasure! He most certainly exceeded our expectations and we definitely would like to work with him again!”


Karen Taylor, Associate Principal Business Solutions Analyst
Mercy, USA

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