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  Case Study CASE ONE :



We have implemented STClaims at multiple customer sites with a project turn-around time of less than 3 months. Our Claims Processing Solution leveraged built-in validations and existing customizations without needing an entire redesign for the latest Captiva Capture platform. At the same time, STClaims delivered a high accuracy and throughput for processing CMS1500 and UB04 forms.

We also successfully extracted data from CMS1500 and UB04 non-dropout forms with high accuracy rates. Such leaps in accuracy and throughput have had a huge positive impact on the businesses.


We were involved in extracting information from semi-structured tax documents where the volumes range from 12,000 to 20,000 documents per day. The complexity of the tax documents lie in the fact that the overall layout of these are not uniform and have a good number of variations amongst each form type. After evaluating the best recognition engine, image enhancement techniques and studying patterns within these documents, the Stellaris team was able to provide very high accuracy rates amounting to >85% in extraction and >98% in Classification of these documents.

The DIAStatPro statistics generation tool helped save significant time in calculating statistics on these documents. This also helped the customers understand and monitor the accuracy of the system at regular intervals.


  Case Study CASE FOUR :


Stellaris helped a financial institution based in Australia streamline their banking and insurance document processing methodologies. Captiva’s InputAccel was used as a workflow. Stellaris initial contribution involved on-site production support that helped customers implement best practices to eliminate production errors. Further, Stellaris was involved with upgrading all processes to a newer version of Captiva. We re-designed processes to simplify processing of documents through the workflow and minimize manual intervention.

Our expertise and vast experience provided a roadmap for upgrades and future development. By understanding the organization's need, we helped propagate the use of document capture system by presenting demos to different groups within the organization. This helped the organization in understanding the benefits of Captiva for document capture and the tremendous cost-savings involved.


In early 2016, we implemented an Email Gateway for the Wealth Management Operations of a prominent bank in New Zealand. With customers, business partners, agents and other banking and financial institutions sending emails with varied content and attachments. It required that response times be short and ensure that every email is processed. Using Captiva as the platform, we developed a configurable system to handle a variety of scenarios such as emails with multiple attachments for a single customer, emails with a single attachment containing information about multiple customers, a single email containing separate attachments belonging to different customers as well as emails with pdf, image and non-image attachments. The solution was developed in a manner that custom rules could be applied to each of the monitored mailboxes thus allowing differences in processing of emails. The solution also included audit logs to reconcile the incoming emails. We are currently working with the customer to further improve the automation of email processing.

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