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STModuleTracker™ is a dashboard and monitoring application that can be configured to monitor specific client modules in your Captiva system . It allows administrators to select the client modules that they would like to monitor as well assign a task limit for each client module using the interactive UI.

The administrator can also set up the mode for receiving alerts – via email or messages to be logged to the event viewer. Upon receiving the alerts, the administrators can then find the root cause for the delay in processing tasks and rectify any issues.

STModuleTracker helps in preventing delays in processing tasks by monitoring the Captiva client modules periodically. It helps in identifying bottlenecks as well as stuck modules thereby helping customers meet their SLAs.

Its feature to run as a service as well as the ability to set up a task-limit per module per process saves time for the Administrators who can rely on email alerts instead of constantly logging in and checking on the health of the system.

Administrators can now resolve bottlenecks pro-actively rather than responding to support tickets.




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