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STEmailClassifier is a Solution that works to Classify and Extract data from incoming emails and allows for type-specific processing in the Captiva workflow.

With a customer-facing mailbox, businesses would like to differently process different types of emails arriving in the mailbox. Once the type of email is known, business would like to process the email based on the type.

One may want to either export the attachments as is without any processing, or may want to merge all attachments in the email with the knowledge that they belong to the same case/ customer, or split attachments knowing that each attachment actually contains information for multiple customers, or may want to extract data from the attachments or may just want to process the emails differently based on certain parameters of the email.

STEmailClassifier is the configurable solution that addresses these scenarios.


STEmailClassifier associates each email to a specific Email Type or Template depending on certain rules. These rules are configurable and scalable. It simplifies configuration of identifying the email type and extracting applicable fields and allows for type-specific processing. STEmailClassifier serves as an initial .NET Code step to obtain some information about the email based on which processing decisions could be made in the workflow.

Custom Rules can be configured to identify the types of emails. Additional rules can be configured to define the fields to be extracted for each type of email. The main advantage with using STEmailClassifier is that the configuration of rules is very simple without requiring much expertise in Captiva. So the business team could configure the rules and maintain them.

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