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is a suite of SDK modules.

Stellaris has developed STModules - a set of invaluable SDK modules and tools built for document capture systems on the Captiva platform. These simplify the Forms Processing workflow and make data capture simple.

STModules includes a set of attended and unattended modules. It also includes migration tools designed to help customers migrate solutions away from the FormWare for InputAccel platform to the latest Captiva Capture platform.

STPageReg: Helps align each page to the base image and generates a new registered image as output. The registration parameters are calculated from pre-indexing data captured during Dispatcher Classification. STPageReg registers the image so that accuracy of Recognition is significantly improved.

STDesktopAdapter: STDesktopAdapter works behind the scenes to enhance the features of Captiva Desktop.

It provides:
  • Easy-to-Use User navigation for data entry

  • Pre-built field validations

  • Attachment viewer to allow cross-document navigation

  • Three modes of validation for Data Correction - Blind verification, Addressing rejected claims

  • A .Net API for creating custom validations.

STFormConverter: a migration tool used for converting FormWare forms from the FormWare application to Dispatcher Indexing Family and Captiva Capture 7.x Document Types. It removes the overhead of recreating fields in Dispatcher and setting field properties or re-designing the same FormWare form in Captiva Capture 7.x.

- a migration tool used for converting FormWare field properties like Must Enter, Must Complete, Tab, Verify and store these for easy reference during C7 Validation.
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