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is a statistics-generating application for Captiva Capture installations, which provides an objective view of the production environment. It provides a means to measure the Dispatcher Classification and Recognition rates.

The tool measures performance of a Captiva Capture application during production. It compares the automatic classification results with the manually identified forms and the Extraction/Recognition results with keyed in data to measure the accuracy.

It helps identify potential areas for improvement which in turn feeds into classification and recognition tuning. It also helps measure the throughput of the operators.

Using the tool, a particular IA batch/Dispatcher template/field/operator can be tracked within the application and its performance can be monitored.

measures real-time system throughput based on keystrokes and time.


How is your Process Doing?

  • How many documents are being manually classified each day?
  • What percentage of documents needs manual classification?
  • How much time are the operators spending on manual classification?
  • Are particular document types more difficult to classify than others?
  • What percentage of data needs to be entered manually?
  • Do particular fields need manual data validation to a larger extent?
  • How much time are the operators spending on correcting/ entering data?
  • Are there particular field types that are not recognized very well?
  • Is the implemented system providing the ROI and improvements hoped for?
  • Can we do something to reduce the manual involvement in the process?

DIAStatPro can answer some of these questions while providing valuable information to gauge answers to others. 


Classification Statistics

This functionality allows Administrators to review statistical data related to Dispatcher Classification and Classification Edit modules. It provides information on:

  • How many documents were automatically classified?
  • How many of those were rejected during Classification Edit?
  • How many documents were manually classified?
  • How many documents were automatically but incorrectly classified?

Extraction Statistics

This functionality allows Administrators to review statistical data related to Dispatcher Recognition and Validation modules. This data includes the OCR data and manually keyed data. It provides information on:

  • How many fields were recognized correctly and did not need to be corrected in Validation?
  • How many fields were rejected in Recognition and subsequently corrected in Validation?
  • How many fields were recognized without being rejected but were subsequently corrected in Validation?


  • Single tool can be used during Development, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and in Production.
  • Tabular data provides excellent clarity of production database.
  • Graphical view gives an instant glimpse into production.
  • Simple Interface provides detailed info within a few mouse clicks.
  • Provides summary in Batch View, Template View and Operator View respectively.
  • UI connects only momentarily to the database and reads all relevant data at once.
  • Database design ensures that every image/ field has only one entry in the database.
  • Can also provide custom formula based on certain parameters.
  • Uses Dispatcher features such as Reject messages and logs them to the database – this provides direct inputs on why certain fields are being rejected.
  • Provides the option to view data by ignoring rejected and/ or blank field
  • Provides information about rejected images giving insight into quality of imagesWith few inputs and minimal impact on your production environment, DIAStatPro™ can provide invaluable information to improve your processes.
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