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is a Forms Processing Solution for capturing information from medical claims forms - CMS-1500 and UB-04. It is built on OpenText’s Captiva Document Capture platform.

Apart from leveraging the Advanced Recognition functionality built into Captiva, STClaims also includes custom modules that provide additional features such as a user-friendly data entry interface, custom code modules, support for ICD9 & ICD10 codes and ANSI 837 Export.

As a Capture Solution, STClaims contains a generic process for claims processing and a pre-configured set of claim form templates. These templates contain built-in validations for all the fields on the claims forms. This allows thorough validation of the captured data before it is exported. STClaims also contains an API that allows custom code to be written for additional field validations.

STClaims also provides a set of Migration Tools to allow ClaimPack customers to migrate seamlessly from a FormWare for InputAccel platform to the latest Captiva platform, thereby switching to the preferred platform for the future.


STClaims is designed to maximize classification and recognition accuracy and minimize operator keying time. By minimizing the number of fields that need manual correction, STClaims can significantly increase automated capture accuracy, speed up processing, increase system thoughput, reduce operational data entry costs and improve customer satisfaction levels.

  • End-to-End Solution for Processing Medical Claims forms – CMS1500 & UB04
  • Based on robust Captiva Capture platform
  • Attempts to capture data from non-drop out claim forms
  • Includes several built-in validation rules thereby minimizing implementation effort
  • STPageReg SDK module allows for alignment of images to improve accuracy.
  • STDesktopAdapter Provides Easy-to-Use User navigation for data entry
  • Allows three modes of validation for Data Correction, Blind verification, Addressing rejected claims
  • Provides a .Net API for creating custom validations
  • Includes export to meet ASCII 5010/ ANSI 837 format
  • Includes DIAStatPro - a statistics tool that captures the system accuracy and productivity in Production

STClaims - the future of Claims Capture!

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